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Detailed Introduction to products and Screenshots:

Lyrics & Subtitle Expert Lucky Draw System Countdown for Exams
User Custom Software    

Main features of software products:

Lyrics & Subtitle Expert
  - Conversion between various lyrics & subtitle file formats, including the following extended filename: LRC, SRT, SSA, SMI, UTF, KSC, SNC, KRC, QLY, TXT
  - Guide you make LRC lyrics files easily
- Easy-to-use Wizard for making SRT subtitle files, which makes it
- Divide LRC files: enable you to avoid the limitation of LRC files by MP3/MP4 Players
  - Change your LRC files as you wish: Two lines to one, one lines to two
  - Make multiple LRC files to a text file, easy to print out, to show, and to make your lyrics book
  - LRC Show, both with music and without music. Bring you the convenience for reference during recording your singing
  - Batch Convert saves your time. Automactically generate logs if errors occur during the conversion. (Registered user only)
  - Rich options, human-based design. Perfectly run on Windows Vista
  - Greenware, never write Registry. No time limitation for unregistered users

Lucky Draw System
  - Set your own title, starting number, background and other settings
  - Set whether the number can repeat to show
  - Unregistered Personal users can use it for free without hiding the copyright info

Countdown for Exams
  - 7 background to choose from, set goal time and your own message to encourage youself. The acurrancy can be to day, hour, minute or second (Registered users only)
  - Unregistered users can use it for free

User Custom Software
  - Modification for our products, add your company's sign on it
  - Tell us your idea, and we will realize it for you

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